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Welcome to Mana, we are not Political Consultants. Our niche is in the Website, Social Media and Video Conference solutions using the internet, mobile media and smart phones to promote you as a candidate.

Since ages, political campaigns used Newspapers, Leaflets, Banners, Cut-outs, etc., as a vital part of the campaign process. Today, newspaper circulation is down, Leaflet usually end up in the garbage can before they are even read, with no-call numbers and caller id, telephones are still important but becoming less effective. Many people don’t even have a home phone line any more, and use their mobile phones as their home line.

Our website provides a snapshot of the key election research and analysis services Mana Elections has to offer. These services can be implemented as stand-alone products or combined as a fully comprehensive package, according to our client's requirements.

Today people are depending more and more on their smart phones, and they look on internet to find information on candidates, and to interact with their friends on political issues. Social media plays an ever increasing and important part of the internet and cell phone experience. Today, social media takes on an entirely different perspective with Facebook, Google+, Linked-in, Twitter, etc., as well as hundreds of other media sites that are used to communicate with others preferences for the best places to eat, to shop, and to discuss political candidates.

Our Products


We provide the option to design a custom Website because we recognize that every campaign is different.


Mobile Apps

Political Mobile App is designed to allow political candidates and political Campaigns to spread their messages and constantly connected with the supporters and voters through smart phones, IPads and Tabs.


Video Conference

A technology that allows users in different locations to hold face-to-face meetings without having to move to a single location.


Social Media

Creating a social media strategy for use during political campaigns has become an essential part of every candidate’s plan for the success.


Text SMS/ Voice SMS

Campaign professionals understand the value of voice marketing.


Survey Expert

SurveyXpert is a comprehensive survey management software application which helps in conducting both paper (manual) and paperless online survey’s.